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Hi! I'm Hilary

I specialize in synthesizing women’s empowerment theory, new media research & production methods, and technological innovation to support the development of female-empowerment-centric communication strategies and solutions for the world. I work in three main areas—research & innovation, creative production, and consulting—to serve clients, collaborate with sisters change-makers, and realize transformative interdisciplinary ambitions. I am most known for my work on THE FEMALE VOICE--a global venture dedicated to developing next-generation technologies that accelerate women's empowerment.


My research focuses on "female-empowerment-centric" innovation. Specifically, I focus on how digital communication spaces (like social networks and online communities) can be designed to accelerate women's empowerment process-outcomes. Triangulating women's empowerment theory, communication research, and other social science schemas, I develop frameworks and analyses contributing to new digital solutions in this arena. 

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I work in a variety of areas of creative communications and production including brand development, scriptwriting, production, and feminist translation. I work both to serve clients and to make my research findings accessible through media. My greatest strengths are generating insightful research-backed concepts and producing powerful collaborations among female creatives.

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I apply the knowledge and skills cultivated through my research, creative work, and business background to bolster the empowerment trajectories of individual women, groups, and organizations. Through tailored consulting and educational services grounded in empowerment theory, I enable clients to put their dreams and objectives into action.  

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Creative studio open for business!
Currently booking talks, trainings, and consults locally (in Brazil) and internationally. 
Seeking programs and backers to support platform research and development for
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