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Mission Statement 

"Women's empowerment" has become an eminent topic of our time, permeating agendas and discourses around the world. As attention to the subject snowballs, it becomes increasingly important to generate concrete understandings, powerful tools, and potent media landscapes capable of translating desired goals and rhetoric into research-backed and impact-oriented creations and solutions.

As a feminist participatory action researcher, innovator, and creative, I specialize in synthesizing women's empowerment theory and communication research into dynamic impact-oriented creations and solutions for women. I work strategically in three complementary domains—creative, consulting, and innovation—to implant women's empowerment theories and practices into the lexicons and infrastructures of contemporary communicative environments. In particular, I am interested in supporting the development and expansion of digital female-empowerment-centric communities and tools. I work with a wide range of clients and collaborators and believe in the power of every moment. 

Hilary is a feminist researcher, innovator, and organizer dedicated to enabling women across identities and geographies to cultivate self-determined, transforming, and enduring empowerment practices. She does this by aggregating and synthesizing theories, concepts, and goals of different feminisms into concrete frameworks, productions, technologies, and collaborations with the power to unite, amplify, and accelerate the empowerment trajectory of women around the world. Hilary holds a B.S. in Business Administration and an M.A. in Media & Language and is currently focused on serving and collaborating with the women of Brazil (where she is currently based). She is available for coaching, consults, and talks online and abroad upon request. See below for more information on Hilary's work and how she can support you.