THE FEMALE VOICE is a hybrid agency-educator-incubator dedicated to accelerating female empowerment and amplifying feminist process-outcomes in comprehensive and economically viable ways. We do this by uniting women across backgrounds and talents to develop services, solutions, and innovations for paying clients while realizing ongoing research-based solutions for women.
Our goal is to accelerate women's empowerment and feminist process-outcomes on a grand scale through intelligent designs that (1) expand female empowerment practices and (2) foster participation in this goal by all people, irrespective of gender identity. We do this through (1) unifying designs that translate empowerment theories into dynamic practices and (2) innovative business structures that allow all people to participate in our mission as clients, beneficiaries, collaborators, and backers. Through our work, we enable the world's female change-makers to be economically empowered as they make the world a more vibrant and empowered place. 
Core Values
Diversity, authenticity, openness, transparency, collaboration, and compensation as we work together to turn the page on antiquated patriarchal cultures, structures, and psychologies. We embrace team members who consider female to be a core part of her identity (as she defines it herself) and welcome all people who embrace our values and goals as clients, collaborators and backers.  
Impact Model & Practice
The axis of all our work is our central empowerment impact model that defines empowerment as a process-outcome of the following three points of power: Power Within (inner power), Power With (relational power), and Power To (systemic power). Everything that we do (from our client offerings to female-centric innovations) is designed to bring this model into the everyday lives of women around the world. This conceptual framework is backed by six core practices representing what we identify as the six areas of feminist practice: Expression (sounding your voice), Connection (relationship-building among women), Expansion (awareness-raising and capacity building), Mobilization (unified and ongoing political action), Transformation (envisioning and developing alternative realities), Leadership (courageously leading others and modeling values and practices). 
We aim to transcend the "band-aid business structures" of feminist organizing, structures bound by scarcity, that imprison us as unpaid leaders and laborers. Rather than allow our efforts as passionate feminist thinkers, creators, and activists to be taken hostage by this destructive paradigm, we envisioned a business model that allows female talent to join forces to serve clients across the business spectrum in an environment that simultaneously fosters female-centric innovation. The structure creates a win-win scenario for both team members (seeking to collaborate with other women) and clients (seeking high-quality solutions that push conventional limits). Likewise, the model allows socially conscious clients to participate impactfully in the gender parity movement by voting meaningfully with their dollar. Female talent is worth far more than we pay for her; it's up to all of us to ensure that we VALUE HER MORE.
Agency Work: Design, Art Direction, Video Making, Copywriting, Publicity, Strategic Communications
Educator Work: Women's Empowerment and Gender Parity Education & Consulting
Incubator Work: Digital Empowerment Platform
Hilary Jo Caldis (Founder & Chieftess Empowerment Organizer)Gabriela Fernandes Gomes (Designer & Art Director); Juliane Sousa (Media Creator & Empowerment Coach); Lana Scott (Sound Designer, Videomaker & Technician); Dani Origuella (Translator & Media Creator); Manoela Fonseca Koetz (Producer & Marketing Specialist); Laíza Dantas - Creative Director 
Creative studio open for business!
Currently booking talks, trainings, and consults locally (in Brazil) and internationally. 
Seeking programs and backers to support platform research and development for
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