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The Female Voice is envisioned as a global space designed for females around the world to express themselves freely and authentically. A common narrative playing for females across diverse cultural and social setup is that of being systematically silenced. We, at The Female Voice, recognize that expression is the first step towards self-realization, self-empowerment and self-assertion. And hence, women transcending geographical boundaries, from different walks of life and diverse cultural and social background, have joined hands to create this unique platform of The Female Voice to allow women to discover, express, create, communicate and discuss what lies within them!

At The Female Voice, we actively welcome and invite all people:
We welcome those who feel that female is a core part of their identity and lived experience to join us in expressing themselves freely and fearlessly.
We welcome all people, irrespective of their sex and/or gender, who are impelled by our grand mission and vision, to join us in realizing our dream for a new and vibrant reality that embraces the perspectives and narratives of females!!

Your VOICE is your POWER WITHIN. Be a champion of your own narrative! In expressing ourselves, we become in-tune with and empowered by our own VOICES. Sharing these VOICES for the world to see, we strengthen our resolves in who we are and inspire those who engage with our narratives.


Your COMMUNITY is your POWER WITH. Dreams become a reality when we connect with the world around us-harnessing the inspiration, support and complementary gifts of others-channeling our POWER WITHIN into the collective. Connecting with others, we realize that the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.


Your SELF-REALIZATION is your POWER TO. Take action in your life to evolve according to your own dreams! It is up to you to define what success is for you and what you will do to achieve it. From there, success becomes an everyday endeavour of practicing who you are from within, with others, and in light of existing structures.


Your CAUSE is your POWER OVER. We have the power to change the world together when we take the time to recognize, through our common narratives, the obstacles and struggles of women and of humanity. We come together to share our strivings for change and organize to see them through.


Our EMPOWERMENT is our TRANSFORMATION. We are the innovators of the future. The future entails never-before-seen designs for society and for life as we know it! Coming together to discuss our visions for this future, visions that embody our lived experiences as women, we innovate and develop a world of vibrance and equality, yet to be comprehended and soon to be realized!

Our passion

At The Female Voice, we realize that the female-strife against male dominant system, a struggle to fit into the society or to rebel against the norms, in many ways stifles the genuine voice of our own self, leading to a disempowered self. Despite starting off as an extremely empowered soul, the structures of the world take their toll.

The Female Voice is here to change this – to give women the tools they need to change this awful reality of disempowerment and direct, structural and cultural violence.

At the end of the day, women need their own sphere where they can express and discuss their ideas and understandings freely, without feeling constrained by the current structure, free from the male gaze, free from judgement, free from expectations of what it means and doesn’t mean to be a female. What we need are zones where we can just be ourselves and celebrate each other.We aspire to provide that space to our sisters across the world, where they express themselves, on not just gender related issues, but on any issue or passion under the sun that they want to engage .

Discovering oneself and embracing our unique being through the simple act of honest, continuous and unrestricted expression, enveloped in a strong belief in destiny and determination to live it out, is the empowerment we are passionate about.

We aspire for a world where our greatest success as women is not measured by our ability to adapt our way to success within the current system; it is measured by our ability to transform these systems in such a way that adaption is no longer the standard protocol for our success.

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As a 501(c)3 organization, we actively seek and invite all grant opportunities that come our way!
If you are an eager grantor passionate about all things FEMALE, please contact our CBD, Rianda, at chieftess.business@thefemalevoice.org. Hearts to the sky, we’ll be delighted to hear from you!

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 Here at The Female Voice, we do not believe in reinventing the wheel. We believe, rather, in assembling wheels together, equipping them with engines and revving them towards destinations of progress! We welcome all sisterhoods and partnerships, in solidarity with our passion, who wish to establish lasting relationships of mutual support, collaboration and exchange. Embark in the conversation by contacting our CEO, Hilary, at chieftess.executive@thefemalevoice.org. We look forward to hearing from you!